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There is an emergency in defense, but I’m not looking for an excuse of absence – R.

There is an emergency in defense, but I'm not looking for an excuse of absence - R.

The Hungarian National Football Team held a press conference for the first time in Puskas Square. The event featured the new national team jersey, which will be used by the national team from 2020 (but already against Uruguay) and Federal Captain Marco Rossi also answered journalists’ questions ahead of the next two matches with the national team.

At the press conference, in addition to Federal Captain Marco Rossi, Palaz Dzodzsak and Dominic Zubuszlai answered the journalists’ questions, and the two players presented the new national team jersey.


“To be able to play in such a stadium after the great ancestors is a very wonderful feeling, and a great pride. Hopefully our game creates such feelings as well.” He said Balázs Dzsudzsák Regarding Friday’s opening match.

“At the moment, as a player, you have to pay attention to the first game, and of course the game against Wales is also on your mind. I hope we can show the 68,000 people we know against Uruguay.” – Tell His room Dominic.

The game against Wales is going to be very big. Obviously it could have been better at home, but we didn’t put the racing calendar on. Friday’s match will be a big deal as well, as Uruguayan players will be featured on a world class level with every post. We want to perform well, we want to make a good impression, both games are very important. “ Confirmed Marco Rossi.

The Federal Captain was asked how he was told that Sándor Csányi, the president of the federation, had recently indicated, regardless of the final result of the European Championship qualifiers, that they wanted to extend his contract with the captain.

“Extending my contract was not a priority for me. I am working to take myself with the team to the European Championship. My current contract expires in November, but I’m not going to deal with that. Of course, it is a great honor to have the confidence of the president. “ Rossi said.

The Italian expert also said it was a great honor to be able to take a seat alongside one of the best coaches in the world, Oscar Tabarez, in Friday’s match against Uruguay.

Szoboszlai and Juják both talked about the topic of national sport, it wouldn’t be a problem for either of them to hit free kicks, It is always indicated by the current position, the angle.

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In connection with Tamás Kádár, Marco Rossi noted that it was discussed that as long as he is unable to play for his club due to a muscle injury, he is not included in the national team. There he sat on the bench at Dynamo on Sunday, but the situation has not changed, so he will not be playing for the national team for the next two matches.

Balázs Dzsudzsák of Nemzeti Sport Online asked us about his previous statement when he said that some things need to be fixed for the team. We asked his rooms if he had ever gone to the old Puskas stadium as a fan. At Marco Rossi we inquired about the problems and difficulties of defense.

“I haven’t really met the others yet. When I said that, we stood after a serious defeat. Croatia match targeted, Errors occurred that the team had not previously recognized. However, the Azerbaijan match did indeed show a better picture. ” Was a reaction Juja bag.

I didn’t go to the old stadium – he answered His room. I saw pictures and videos. I hope to be able to play in the new stadium, not only in training matches, but also in European championships. “

Yesterday a lot arrived during the day, and today everyone is running. Last month, there was a lot of focus on psychological readiness, and I asked players to focus on their weaknesses separately at their clubs this month to try to improve them. It cannot be denied that we are bad at defense. Mihaly Korhout is banned, Tamas Kadar cannot play due to injury. In the case of Willie Urban, we don’t know if we can count on him yet, but I’m not very hopeful. We can say that an emergency arose in defense. One of the main principles of selection was who dares to enter the duel and has the appropriate stamina. I don’t suffer from the embarrassment of exuberance. But I never look for an excuse and trust everyone who has been invited. “ He said Rossi, who does not even rule out that we may open a new apprentice in Wales. The captain added that they would be well prepared to take on the opponent and he is confident that if the team avoids the individual mistakes seen in Croatia, we can succeed.

Marco Rossi does not consider it impossible to open a newbie in Wales (Photo: Miklós Szabó)
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It has also been said that Although this will be the farewell match of Zoltan Jera, he will not play, because after missing more than a year he would not have been able to provide such a performance, but the team recommends this match, and in this sense it will be the farewell match.

What is the Hungarian national football team playing with Uruguay?

There will be a tie. (4374)
Uruguay is locked in our way. (3532)
We go out in a big fight. (2902)
Tight, but we won. (1180)
A smooth Hungarian victory was born. (588)

Total votes: 12576

Start voting: 2019.11.11

Field width

In a joint press conference with MLSZ, adidas introduced the new equipment to the Hungarian national football team. Several previous iconic pieces were displayed at the event (with permission from the Puskás Institute and the antique collector who owns, which can be used to illustrate changes in the style and technology of Hungarian national shirt production. For a long time in the twentieth century, neckline was the hallmark of elegance, which Adidas carried after 1974 (when the brand became the manufacturer of the national Hungarian shirts). The German manufacturer provided flowing jersey numbers applied by means of transfer printing, before that the number was traditionally cut from the fabric and sewn onto the shirt.

The latest collections were created for Euro 2020. The main design concept was a mixture of art and football, which in practice means that some of the graphic elements of the shirts are inspired by the common feelings and emotions of fans and players.

“It was a unique challenge to develop a series of T-shirts that successfully convey the raw emotions of football and its unifying strength. At the beginning of the creative process, we worked with an emphasis on hand drawing, which allowed us to be more human and emotionally expressive than what we were making. We are happy with the end result. Because we believe the merging of the world of art and football has been successful. ” He said Jurgen’s rank, Chief designer of Adidas.

This is the first time that the Hungarian national team jersey has been placed in a category with the Belgian, Spanish, German and other teams, which means that it is not based on a template, but all of its elements are individually designed and cannot be. Adapts to other adidas jerseys. The national flag is back in its colors, while its flowing pattern and effects are inspired by the Danube River. The reference to Budapest is due to the fact that the city is participating in the European Championship 2020 as an organizer. On the back of the neck is the inscription “Hungary”. In the name of sustainability, the jersey material is made of 100% recycled polyester, while its production technology guarantees heat and air permeability in line with the requirements of the times.

The new jersey will be shown for the first time on November 15, at the opening match of the new Puskas Arena, in the Hungary-Uruguay match. It will also be available for first-time purchase at the same time, during the match. Available in brand and partner stores from November 18.

The new visiting jersey will be revealed in the spring, so the team has yet to play for Wales.

The Hungarian selected tire
Goalkeepers: Dénus Dénes (Ferencvaros), Peter Golaxi (RB Leipzig – Germany), Adam Kovacik (Mall Fairfar FC)
Defenders: Bottond Barth (Sporting Kansas City – USA), Barnabas Pace (Le Havre AC – France) Attila Szalai (Apollon Limassol – Cypros), Mihaly Korhout (Ares – Greece), Lang Adam (Omonia Nicosia – Cypros), Gerge Lovrenexx (Ferencvaros), Nagy passed away (Puskás Akadémia FC), Pavkovic, I think (Debrecen VSC), Willie Urban (RB Leipzig – Germany)
Midfield: Rich Danielle (Budapest Honved), David Holman (Slovan Bratislava – Slovakia), Zolt Kalmar (FC DAC 1904 – Slovakia), Istvan Kovacs (Mall Fairfar FC), Adam the Great (Bristol City – Anglia), Matti Patkai (Mall Fairfar FC), Dominic Zoboszlai (RB Salzburg – Austria), Vida Matte (FC DAC 1904 – Slovakia)
Attackers: Balázs Dzsudzsák (Al-Ittihad Kalba – United Arab Emirates), Robert Veczen (Újpest FC), Philip the Dutch (FC Lugano – Switzerland), Dominic the Great (Legia Warszawa – Poland), Sly Rowland (SC Freiburg – Germany), Adam Salai (1. FSV Mainz 05 – Germany), Varga Roland (Ferencvaros), Donut Zsótér (Úpest FC)
Mihaly Korhout cannot play against Wales due to suspension.

The preparatory match
Friday, November 15 (Puskas Arena)
19.00: Hungary – Uruguay

EC Qualifications
Saturday 16 November
18.00: Azerbaijan and Wales
20.45: Croatia and Slovakia
Tuesday 19 November
20.45: Slovakia-Azerbaijan
20.45: Wales-Hungary

Group status
1. Croatia 7 4 2 1 14-6 +8 14
2. Hungary 7 4 3 8-9 -1 12
3. Slovakia 6 3 1 2 10-8 +2 10
4. Wells 6 2 2 2 6-6 0 8
5. Azerbaijan 6 1 5 5-14 –9 1

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