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102 sampling points in the Dunaszardahle district of New Word were filtered

102 sampling points in the Dunaszardahle district of New Word were filtered


Dunaszerdahely / Somorja
The available test dates at Dunaszerdahely were reached in one day, and new test teams were added. In Somurga, the evening break has been shortened to allow more time for testing.

Dunaszerdahely test

Michel Derag, head of the Dunaszardahle district office, told our newspaper this morning, everything is ready for national testing, and most of the tests have already been delivered by local governments. In the Dunaszerdahelyi area, samples will be taken at 102 points, but after screening, participants will not be able to prove themselves with the usual blue certificate. “Municipalities had to print certificates with the address of the sampling site. “The form will be stamped upon publication of the result,” said Michel Derag.


In Dunaszerdahely, the test began at noon today, and residents will wait in six places for four days. Sampling points are open on Fridays, Saturdays, Mondays and Tuesdays. The day before the opening, Thursday, an app was launched that allows locals to book an appointment for a test. In the morning you can still choose between dates, in the early afternoon, only those interested can apply for Mondays and Tuesdays, and in the evening almost all bookable dates run out. According to the system, one sample can be taken in two minutes, which means they can test thirty people per hour. With dates expiring quickly, in three places, GelmenicItaly On the street, Smetana Grove, Vampire Armin Elementary School’s gymnasium, additional troops were registered on Saturday, waiting for those who did not have an appointment.


In the hospital basement, antigen testing is available on weekdays at the same time as the national screening. Earlier this week, a long queue appeared in front of the test point, as well as at the permanent sampling point set up at the regional public health office. By the end of the week, the hospital had not run out, but the waiters were not crowded in front of the test points. According to the first comments, the reservation system worked.


Reservations are mandatory at four of Somorja’s nine sampling points, and residents can access the other five stations without registration. This morning, the virtual board was only present at one stop, and we still find a lot of free time elsewhere. The municipality required residents to register for the test only once, and not to repeat the process if time was still available after check-in, as working hours here were split every two minutes and the system registered two testers for one time. The city will be tested on Saturdays 8am to 7pm, and on Sundays from 8am to 5pm. Due to great interest, the Saturday dinner break has been shortened by half an hour so that more samples can be taken at the stations. support

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