He wouldn't be surprised if Verstappen was frustrated by this

He wouldn’t be surprised if Verstappen was frustrated by this

At the end of the race, the question of the fastest lap between the two cars created an interesting situation, with Valtteri Bottas getting an extra point from Hamilton for a while despite his team’s demand to boycott his attempt in that direction.

Red Bull, on the other hand, didn’t want to take another stand at Verstappen, so they didn’t get to the extra point. However, former pilot and compatriot Lammers sees all this possibly upsetting Verstappen.

“Of course we talk a lot about concentration, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Verstappen thought, ‘Damn, we don’t have the fastest lap, we lost a point,'” we in your podcast. “This is a competitive sport. You want everything, you don’t miss anything. It is something that can upset you.”

More F1 news:

Valtteri Bottas will officially continue at Alfa Romeo next year and will be replaced by George Russell. So Williams will be vacant, and Antonio Giovinazzi will certainly leave Alfa Romeo, leaving a seat there as well. So it seems increasingly certain that Alexander Albon or Nick de Vries will have a seat in Formula 1 by 2022.

Lammers say Nyck de Vries could be a better option than Albon because of his potential, but also admits that the former Red Bull driver has already shown great things in F1.

The question is which of them can provide the most stable performance in tournaments. “I think Albon was taken into account, seeing the performance of Gasly, who has been racing fantastically since he left Red Bull, as he showed yesterday. Perhaps Red Bull overreacted when he sent Albon off,” he said.

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The Dutch Grand Prix’s sporting director also adds that Albon already has 38 races behind him, but he sees more potential in De Vries. “Nick has shown in Formula 2 and Formula E that he knows what it takes to win the championship. Nyck would be a more risky option, but there is more potential in him. You deserve to be able to show your skills in F1 as well.”

According to Binotto, it is not right for Wolf to meddle in the affairs of other teams

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