There have been serious discussions in the Senate about border control issues, and now one thing has moved forward. This decision, if it becomes law, could spoil Donald Trump's anti-immigration sails.

US President Joe Biden announced that he supports the idea of ​​the Democratic majority Senate that the Mexican border could be closed by immigration police if a very large number of migrants want to enter US territory. The negotiations between the two parties almost reached a dead end, because Republican senators linked tightening border security measures to the subsidies that must be paid to Ukraine. Reuters reports.

During Biden's presidency, a record number of illegal immigrants have arrived in the United States from Mexico. Republicans say this is a result of the Democratic administration rescinding former President Donald Trump's executive orders. Through this law, the highly unpopular Biden appears to be trying to take the wind out of the sails of the staunchly anti-immigration Donald Trump, who is vying for a second presidency.

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Biden noted, “The current agreement – if it becomes law – will be the hardest and fairest reform to protect the border, and if I get the mandate, I will put it into effect on the day the law is signed.” Republicans are not so optimistic: According to Mike Johnson, the head of Congress, the agreement in its current form is “stillborn.”

The White House approved new asylum restrictions at the border that would allow migrants who illegally cross the U.S.-Mexico border to be expedited to Mexico if the number of migrants (those encountered by immigration enforcement members) exceeds 4,000 per day. . If this number exceeds 5,000 per day, implementation of this ruling will be mandatory. In comparison with:

In December, Border Patrol encountered an average of 9,500 people a day who wanted to enter the United States without valid papers.