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Why doesn’t Ada Wong get a standalone game?

Why doesn’t Ada Wong get a standalone game?

The character who appeared in Resident Evil 2 and then in the fourth part deserves a separate game.

At the end of September, the Separate Ways DLC was released for Resident Evil 4 Remake, which has become one of the best additions in the history of the series. In this (as in the concept that appeared as part of the game from the original PS2 version) Ada Wong is the protagonist, and therefore did not die in Raccoon City during the events of Part II. In the DLC, he is tasked by Wesker to bring Amber to him, but in the end he doesn’t (and in the meantime Louis dies, and Ada pulls Leon out of the pit several times), and Wesker still gets what he wanted. (This brings up the events of Resident Evil 5, but that’s another story…)

Ada’s gameplay is somewhat different from Leon’s in the DLC, and since we’re talking about an independent mercenary, she’s not really on either character’s side (but she does have a conscience, which is why she doesn’t blow up the entire island, though… Wesker asked her to do so. Because of his role, he can be placed in areas of the series that Capcom hasn’t explored yet (he was supposed to be in Resident Evil: Village, but was dropped by the Japanese developers…), so he shouldn’t. Don’t always focus on the canopy only.

Due to his experience with the company, new villains and monsters can be used, but even if spin-offs come true, it will have a drawback: he is a somewhat mysterious character, so if they flesh out his past, he will be less mysterious in the future, and since he has never emerged stable on any From both sides, if they portray him as a pure hero, they will be modifying the concept that has been drawn about him so far. But it is not known whether Capcom will rely on it in the future. For example, who knows if it will have anything to do with the events of Resident Evil 5 Remake? (The end of the Separate Paths DLC may have hinted at this via Wesker’s monologue that the human clock is running out.)

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So there are pros and cons, but a good balance can bring great success to Capcom…

source: GameRant

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