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“We will not be satisfied for a single moment.”  New word

“We will not be satisfied for a single moment.” New word

In any case, the level of érsekújvári players is encouraging, as the start of the league approaches, the team has already achieved victories in the preparatory matches.

“We did not pay much attention to this because the tournament is long. The focus was on constantly improving our game. The team showed that it has potential, and the recent good results have added a little to that,” said Chaladi, 35.

And the fact that the vast majority of the legionnaires had already played the puck in an Ársekújvár shirt last year (Kantor, Varley, Lee, Logjens, Mamsics), only the Czech Radek Prokic (Vienna) and Albert Mitchenach (Kladno), respectively Canadian Marc-Olivier Roy (Val Pusteria) is new among foreigners. In addition, they managed to keep the strengths of the Mikoš brothers, and Vaclav Stupka returned from Zolium, so it seems possible to replace the two point producers, Robert Jackson (Switzerland) and Benjamin Johnson (?).

“It’s always easier if we and the players know what the other side can expect from them, it’s easier to work that way. But our new certifications also fit well into the group. Of course, this is a longer process, as the work is not finished with the start of the Tipos Extraliga. There Always something to improve, and we will never be satisfied even for a moment Al-Khalidi added.

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