Infantino called for a ceasefire in Ukraine during the World Cup

FIFA President Gianni Infantino has called on the warring parties in Ukraine to hold a one-month ceasefire for the duration of the Qatar World Cup, which begins on Sunday.

According to the FIFA president, sport can play a unifying role, which can now be manifested in the ceasefire.

“I ask you all to consider a temporary ceasefire for a month during the World Cup” – Infantino addressed those present during a luncheon at the Indonesian meeting of heads of state and government of the Group of Twenty, which includes the most developed countries and the largest emerging countries, in Bali.

In the event that this is not achieved, the sporting director called for seizing every opportunity that could lead to the resumption of dialogue.

We are not so naive as to think that football can solve all problems. – He said and then added: However, the World Cup, which will be watched by an estimated five billion viewers, creates a unique platform “Do everything to resolve conflicts”.

Russia – like Mexico and Brazil – is represented by the foreign minister at the meeting.

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