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“I wanted my bones to stand out.”

“I wanted my bones to stand out.”

He was at the peak of his career, we saw him on screen every day for many years, and he suffered from anorexia during these years. However, he only talked about this for the first time.

This year, in August, it will only be three years since the regular Reem Family star announced to the public that he was terminally ill. Since then, Christina Applegate, 52, has been regularly seen carrying a cane, but there have been times when she has appeared in a wheelchair. Now, unexpectedly, he's revealed another secret about his career on his podcast. The actress struggled with eating disorders and anorexia for years while filming the legendary series.

“It was ridiculous torture. For years I deprived myself of food.”

– Reveal now.

It's another matter, at that time men were obsessed with her figure and her big breasts, but many of them probably had no idea that she had an eating disorder.

Image: Promedia/Reddot

Christina Applegate got the role of Kelly Bundy when she was 15 years old. However, her body image issues began when a neighbor called her “fat.” And his mother only encouraged him. “And when I weighed only 50 kilograms, he asked me: How did I achieve that?” That's why I developed an eating disorder.” he said on the podcast.

Five almonds a day

At that time, meals were not included in his daily schedule. He often ate five almonds a day. “And if I ate six, I cried and didn’t want to leave the house.” In this way, the designers sewed her clothes in the series more tightly. “I wanted my bones to stand out,” says Applegate, who admits her condition at the time was “scary for everyone.”

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Cover image: Promedia/Reddot

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