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Index – Economics – János Lazar: Our goal was not to harm the people of Sopron

Index – Economics – János Lazar: Our goal was not to harm the people of Sopron

The Minister of Construction said that the development of the Virtu Lake beach is underway, and before the full investment is implemented, conditions will be created in the next three months, thanks to which part of the beach will be usable for local residents. Transport in an interview with Sopron TV.

Janos Lazar said that on May 10, the Hungarians went to the area to carry out work on the road leading to the port in the northern region. According to him, with the investment, within 90 days, they want to create the opportunity for the residents of Sopron to be able to use at least part of the lake.

The investment was postponed due to Janos Lazar

“Decisions have been made in the name and on behalf of the government regarding the postponement of investment,” the minister said, adding that he must apologize to the residents of Sopron who want to spend their free time on the lake shore. .

Our intention was not to harm the people of Sopron, but to improve the investment

He said.

The Prime Minister also stated that after the June elections, it will be necessary to determine how and in what steps development will continue. Lazar believes that “harmony and unity must be found between nature and the interests of those who visit it.”

It is not certain that huge tourism investment will follow

he added.

The Fertő Coast Project began in 2015. In the port, the initial structural elements of the riverbed wall were completed, and the protected area of ​​the port and coastline was formed. Ship docking points have been set up, in addition to a floating system suitable for receiving various boats.

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Operating the port requires the establishment of temporary water and electricity infrastructure, finishing works on the plaza’s surfaces, and the construction of sidewalks and green areas. It is also necessary to construct a road leading to the port with a width of 6 meters and a length of approximately 950 meters, parking lots and a fence surrounding the work area.

(Cover photo: János Lazar on July 27, 2020. Photo: Tibor Illyés / MTI)