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Thousands of fake videos have been produced by stealing the face and voice of a Ukrainian YouTuber

Thousands of fake videos have been produced by stealing the face and voice of a Ukrainian YouTuber

May 15, 2024 – 09:43

In the NDTV report, Olga appears in most of the frame, alongside her Chinese clones – Source: NDTV

Zack Daniel

With a few minutes of searching, it's easy to find traces of a series of online scams in which the face and voice of Ukrainian YouTuber Olga Luyk were exploited by scammers using generative artificial intelligence, The Guardian writes. BBC.

In the videos, the forger, who looks deceptively similar to the young woman, speaks mostly in Chinese, even though Olga never learned that language. A large part of the texts revolves around the importance of Russian-Chinese relations, and perhaps product promotion, as is the case in the content of the account on the Chinese social media channel, which has 300,000 subscribers, and in other cases demonstrating the impressive development in China.

Olga, 21, is currently a student at the University of Pennsylvania, but her family lives in Ukraine, so she was particularly disturbed by the fake videos in which her stolen face glorified Russia. Among other things, he talked about this In a report by NDTV Several copies were also presented.

The authors of the BBC article found that the Chinese technology company developed the algorithm used to create the fake videos. A HeyGen spokesperson said that their system was hacked by unknown people, so they were able to create a lookalike for Olga in a total of 4,900 registrations, but because of what happened, the company changed its security protocols and prevented further use of the Ukrainian woman's image. Face.

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The 21-year-old YouTuber's case is not unique. It marks the end of an era in which anyone's identity can be abused in a similar way, and you don't have to take your personal content uploaded to the internet lightly. Since there is no close cooperation between the United States and China to combat AI-related fraud, we should expect similar problems to reoccur in the near future. It could be a solution if we didn't upload any still or moving images or audio recordings of ourselves online, but that's hard to imagine in the age of social media.

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