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PicsStop – Europe's future depends on financially secure, open and free science and education

PicsStop – Europe's future depends on financially secure, open and free science and education

The Declaration was inspired by the fact that science, innovation, the flow of knowledge, the free sharing of research results, ideas and critical thinking are fundamental to the freedom, flexibility and global competitiveness of the entire EU. In order to promote and support the above, stable and higher than current investments in research and education across Europe are necessary, and decision-makers must protect freedom of research, the statement said.

The message of scientific academies operating in EU member states to candidates for the 2024 European Parliament elections begins with the call: “Ensuring the EU’s global leadership in science and innovation!”

In the follow-up they write: “European science works at the forefront of global research and innovation. Across the EU, researchers are involved in research and development related to fundamental, practical and social problems. Science and innovation are essential for freedom, resilience, global competitiveness, development and prosperity in the EU. This cannot be taken for granted.” It is important to maintain the open nature of scientific research based on international cooperation. Investments in the full range of science and scientific work are necessary, and it is necessary to ensure that scientific results are integrated into policies designed to address the main challenges of democratic societies.

The following message is about: “Let us help promote the openness and freedom of the scientific world!”

Accordingly: “International cooperation and the free flow of knowledge, researchers and students are the fundamental values ​​of the European Union, and the exchange of discoveries and ideas is one of the most important prerequisites for scientific and technological development. Open international scientific cooperation is important – in addition to university research circles – also from the point of view of international relations. It must Decision-makers must refrain from putting obstacles in the way and must protect the principles of academic freedom, academic institutional independence, and the free international movement of people and information, while ensuring safe and sustainable working conditions for researchers and students at all times.

They encourage you to: “Let's invest in science and education!”

They believed it “Science and research are essential not only for economies and prosperity, but also for independent critical thinking and reflection, and these are the core values ​​of colorful and resilient democracies. Ensuring Europe’s global leadership in science and creativity requires continued investment in research, creativity and education. In order to keep pace with the rest of the world, it must The EU and its Member States must achieve the mutually agreed target of investing 3% of GDP annually in R&D. In addition, through the decisive contribution of the European Parliament, the EU Research and Innovation Framework Program must be strengthened, as well as the highest levels of quality In European education.

They also encourage you to: “Let's use scientific findings in policy!”

They mention that “Through the EU Research Framework Program and the European Research Area, the European Parliament also has a major responsibility to promote science and innovation in the EU. We call on Member States and EU institutions to take scientific results into account and use them carefully when developing policies. The challenges we face – on To name a few: climate change, biodiversity loss, international migration, food security, and the energy transition – these are complex and urgent problems that cannot be effectively addressed by research, science and policy, without credible dialogue between civil society and economic actors.”

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