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Viewers were shocked by Netflix's new documentary series, which is reminiscent of Holtodiglan

Viewers were shocked by Netflix's new documentary series, which is reminiscent of Holtodiglan

The true crime series The American Nightmare deals with a horrific kidnapping.

The self-produced true crime series, The Real American Nightmare, was recently uploaded to the streaming giant's platform, completely shocking viewers. The three-part series revolves around the 2015 case. by

They broke into the home of a young couple and kidnapped the woman, Denise Hoskin. Later, her boyfriend, Aaron Quinn, was accused of having something to do with the incident, and when the woman was found a few days later, he was also accused of orchestrating the whole thing.

The case was picked up by the media and aired a year ago It has been compared to the film Holtodiglan.

Netflix viewers so far The “craziest” true crime. The series has been referred to as “The True American Nightmare”. Most people on social media reported this He astonished and shocked them.

“This entire documentary is a prime example of why women don't call the police when they're being abused. The police are so negligent it's disgusting.”

– writes a viewer on X (formerly Twitter). Others have the same opinion: “The country has fallen from the true American nightmare.” “It's a sick world.”

The documentary series was directed by Felicity Morris and Bernadette Higgins, as Higgins said:

“What's really interesting about this story is that every time you think you know what's coming, there's another twist. Everyone thinks they know how it's going to end, but few believed the truth was what we first thought.”

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Assassin (2014)
Source: Entercom

No matter how shocking and unbelievable it may seem, the series deals with real events and

Shows real security camera footage of interrogations.

But not only is it surprising how incompetent the police were in this case, but they also believe that Dennis Hoskin and Aaron Quinn took the idea from the movie Holtodiglan and implemented what they saw in it. The real American nightmare is also about How the media content we consume affects our beliefs and prejudices.

(via Forbes, independent)

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