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An MMA fighter beat up an entire German town

An MMA fighter beat up an entire German town

Netflix has never been accused of not being full of content. Quality is a different matter, but those browsing the platform on a recent night hoping for something light probably won't be disappointed, as the streaming giant continues to release self-produced films. Now adventurous people can enjoy delicious cuisine from the European region, including Germany 60 minutes In his image.

Octavio (Emilio Sacraia) is an MMA fighter and needs money, so it's important that he wins his next fight. The problem is that the fight falls on his daughter's birthday, and his ex-wife wants to take custody from our hero anyway. Okta is forced into a race against time, but not many people will look favorably on him canceling wrestling.

If someone says “this is a Netflix movie,” they are inadvertently creating an image that is not very positive. Although this wasn't always the case, the first work they marketed was, for example, the excellent Monsters of Huntalan, and on the series front with Castle of Cards it drew attention to itself.

60 minutesSource: Netflix

It is a fact that they produce one gem every year, but today they are much more distinguished with dozens of products such as 60 minutes. Oliver Kienle's direction fits perfectly with the aforementioned Netflix film collection. The reason for the cliche story is also understandable, they clearly don't want to buy viewers into the big story. Much more with the pace and the mannerisms, which because of playing with time, even German as well, Juice and lola It can also be a kind of reinterpretation. The difference is that while Tom Tykwer's 1998 cinema creatively addressed these elements, 60 minutes And it doesn't even try to be original. The premise is true, but Okta, who is in a hurry for his birthday, stressed about everything and aggressive, is not the most likeable protagonist. In vain they try to make him so, because he does everything for his daughter, and the conflict is so hackneyed that we look at it with boredom.

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It would have been more surprising to leave the family thread and find a different reason that forced the wrestler to flee.

As they complicate the plot and bring in questionable characters, illegal betting, and fur hunting, the overall picture works much better, and the underworld setting is much more appropriate than the frivolous rush of a Christmas party seen a million times. Even if they tried to make him an Octa Grail Knight, they felt it from several wounds. The tight playtime of an hour and a half isn't long, something is always happening, but it can be picked up very quickly 60 minutes style.

60 minutesSource: Netflix

The fighting, rushing, and talking parts keep repeating, making what you see repetitive in the first third. Pretend conflicts are often imposed mindlessly, without justifiable consequences, while trendy dance music plays.

The antagonists work strangely, in one scene, someone who doesn't even dare to stand up to our heroes, in the other, sending already trained MMA fighters to the ground with hilarious ease. Regardless, the actions salvage what they can, there's nothing we haven't seen before, but there are undoubtedly memorable fights, such as the fight in the nightclub. The ending tries to be quite dramatic, but results in a scowl rather than actual emotion.

the 60 minutes It meets the standards of modern broadcast viewing in every way, and not necessarily in a good way.

60 minutesSource: Netflix

Anyone who wants to keep something going, while relaxing from the day's fatigue and a film that doesn't require much attention, let alone thought, can enjoy it. Otherwise, you can spend a much more enjoyable hour and a half.

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It's not a painfully stupid or laughably embarrassing film, but it probably left a bigger mark at the time. This leaves us with a lukewarm lemonade that lacks any uniqueness and is boringly familiar, which we forget even in the moment of the final scene.

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