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Velvet – Celeb – Based on the statement of Attila Arba, János Kulka is not telling the truth, 70-year-old Eva Vandor smells the names of her children on herself

Velvet – Celeb – Based on the statement of Attila Arba, János Kulka is not telling the truth, 70-year-old Eva Vandor smells the names of her children on herself

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John Kulka

Award-winning actor Kossuth and Jászai Mari Sándor Friderikusz testified about his life in his online podcast, among other things, about the fact that his friends ran away from him after he suffered a stroke in 2016. Attila Arba spoke to Kulka in an interview in August This year he revealed that he spoke to him after he suffered a stroke, but the artist has not contacted him again since then.

“I called him right away to see how he was feeling, if there was anything I could do for him. He was very nice, and was glad we were talking,” he said.

But he said he would rather look for me, which unfortunately has not happened since.

“I definitely don't want to scold him. I told him I would be happy to talk to him whenever he wants, but that hasn't happened yet,” said Arpa, who had big plans for the actor.

“Shortly after his stroke, we worked together on the introductory episode of a foreign crime series, but unfortunately we are unable to produce the series at the moment. “I consider János the best actor in Hungary, and I would be sorry if he left the profession,” Arba said. eyelash He also spoke to János Poitas, who confirmed the difficulty of reaching Colca. the Neighbour According to her former manager, many people are trying to contact Kulka, but he doesn't seem to want to.

“I want to invite him and his sister to dinner. Even if it is more relaxed, but we keep in touch, we always greet each other on holidays.

I know a lot of people are trying to contact him, but he doesn't want to, and feels ashamed, even though there is no reason to.

“I would like you to know that you can count on me for anything, it would be a shame to close yourself off,” Bugtas said.

Wonder Eva

Popular actress is A To blink He revealed in a certain interview that he does not care about his age. His second grandchild was born recently. He got tattoos of himself and other loved ones, so his body is already on display.

“On my left wrist is my mother’s name, as we used to call her, and my father will have a place there too. In addition, I would also like to get a tattoo for my grandchildren, not their names, but something that symbolizes them and our relationship. But what happens will remain a secret for now, when “It's ready, I'll show it to you anyway.”

RTL News

As we've become accustomed to, it's been a decade-long tradition at RTL News that viewers can expect genuine special features on the New Year's Eve broadcast each year in addition to the daily news summary. It won't be any different in 2023 either:

The channel announced that Gergely Letkay and comedian Peter András Kovacs will bid farewell to the new year on the evening of December 31.

(Cover image: János Kulka. Photo: Patricia Bodnar/Index)

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