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They are still fighting for the life of the lion cub found near Subotica

They are still fighting for the life of the lion cub found near Subotica

As Origo reported, a few-month-old lion cub was found on a highway near Subotica on Thursday. Since then, the struggle for the survival of the lion cub found on Thursday has continued.

According to the report, a motorist found the lion cub on the road between Sabadka and Shantavir and then informed the police.

The baby lion found between Csantavér and Szabadka has undergone several treatments since Thursday. His condition has improved to the point that he is now feeding himself. He is constantly receiving injections, antibiotics and painkillers. On Monday morning, he was transferred to the city of Zapadka for surgical treatment, where it is believed that serious fractures were discovered in his thighs. The main goal of doctors is to provide him with ideal living conditions.

Dr. Tibor Janusi, veterinarian, on behalf of Palči Zoo, said:

We will try to save it. When we realized that even his bones were broken, we had to put him in a condition that we hoped would be able to endure the operation and survive. It has been completely weakened. We showed that in addition to the fractures, there was continuous internal bleeding, which meant that by measuring the fever and temperature we found that although we had warmed him, he was in a hypothermic state. The temperature was lower than normal. We tried to get him back to at least normal temperature and put him in a state where he could handle the anesthesia and surgery.

Veterinarians faced persistent health problems while treating the lion cubs. Among other things, he also suffers from digestive problems, internal bleeding, fluctuations in body temperature, kidney problems, and broken bones. On Monday, doctors attempted to repair a complete fracture in one of his thighs, leaving him barely able to move.

Lion cubSource: Bannon RTV

According to veterinarians, the lion was probably kept in very poor conditions, but based on his behavior, they concluded that he was around people a lot, hiding himself from the doctors by stroking and rubbing, just like cats. . The competent ministry will decide Assad’s fate in the future. The goal now is to save him. Written by Pannon RTV.

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