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Here's the evidence, it was already included in Bud Spencer and Terence Hill's film, and they didn't even try to remove it

Here's the evidence, it was already included in Bud Spencer and Terence Hill's film, and they didn't even try to remove it

Bud Spencer and Terence Hill's films are perfect the way they are; It's a shame to argue about that. Fortunately, Hungarian audiences are of the same opinion, as they agree as one that even though they have bugs and glitches, these slapstick films are still legendary, and bugs are really good for them.

Still constantly More and more mistakes are being made We like them and often send them to our editors to share with other fans.

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Until now, one of our sharp-eyed readers found a funny joke in Kincs ami Nilda's book. This is actually a mistake that happens a lot in movies; Even in the highest-rated and highest-rated films, which have won the most Oscars, there are errors of this kind, which the creators do not notice either during filming or during post-production, or if they notice it, they still wink and say that no one will notice it. Anyway, or if they did, they wouldn't pay much attention to it.

This is also a mistake like that, but for example, not all fans noticed this either, even though Kincs, which is not a Bud Spencer and Terence Hill movie, which one can watch a thousand times without getting bored or immersed in it. Of course, there are things about this movie that most Hungarian fans don't know, for example, according to an Italian rumour, The cast list scene is a non-existent treasurewhich would have answered the biggest question in the movie, which our reader sent us, but everyone who watched the movie a little more could have already seen it.

“When Uncle Bud is cooking beans, he goes out and looks at the sails, and Terence comes out and eats the beans, and then Uncle Bud comes back and sees the empty leg. He immediately grabs the parrot, and here comes the point. He takes the pan in his hand and starts fighting with the parrot. At one point he has the pan in his hand, Then the camera zooms in on the parrot, at that moment the pan is next to the parrot on the stove, then the camera goes back to Uncle Bud and the pan is back in Uncle Bud's hands!

The frying pan in Bud Spencer's hand:

In the other clip, he appears again next to the parrot on the stove:

(reader images/screenshot)

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