Index - Science - The human aura can purify the air around the body

Index – Science – The human aura can purify the air around the body

In most cases, we hear about the aura in some spiritual topic in daily life, but recent research has shown that science must deal with the invisible envelope that surrounds the human body.

Scientists have discovered that people’s aura cleans the air around the body with the help of purifying particles.

Of course, this should not be confused with the aura mentioned in connection with the spiritual projection, because researchers speak of a special oxidation field surrounding the body.

A study published in the journal Science revealed that the human body produces a range of molecules that form when the ozone in the air comes into contact with the oils in our skin. telegraph.

Molecules called hydroxyl radicals or hydroxyl radicals were analyzed before, when they appeared under the influence of sunlight, and then their number increased in the air, and, as is known, neutralized toxic molecules. However, for the first time, scientists have found OH radicals that the human body itself produces.

Of course, this does not necessarily mean that it will be in our best interest…

Jonathan Williams, lead author of the study by the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, claims that these compounds may be harmful.

It may be because it cleans the air before we breathe it in, but we can’t be sure of that. Perhaps troubling is that a compound thought to be harmless can become toxic when oxidized in the OH domain. Now that we’ve figured this out, we need to do more research

He thought.

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During the study, four people sat in a sterile room with oxygen masks, and then the level of hydroxide radicals in the air was measured. Then ozone was added to the room air, which greatly raised the chemical levels. Using the data obtained, the team visualized the oxidation fields around each subject.

The source of the molecules was a compound called squalene, which is known to maintain skin elasticity. According to scientists, it is better to compare the field around the human body with the green cloud that appears around the radioactive material in the cartoon – of course, we can not see this in reality.

The study author says that because there is a lot of chemistry in human emissions – between air and even vehicles from sofas – more research is needed.

This research may have immediate health implications. We need to study it instead of just measuring what our bodies or even the couch emit. We need to measure what these two people do together

Professor said.

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