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There is nothing to see here: according to AMD, they only create panic, who think that the new cards are defective

There is nothing to see here: according to AMD, they only create panic, who think that the new cards are defective

The manufacturer also talked about the rumors that were gathering a lot of dust, but according to them, the skeptics misunderstood something.

this week The news brokeAccordingly, AMD’s recently launched Radeon cards, the RX 7900 XT and 7900 XTX models, could have a serious problem. Assuming a significant advantage is not available over factory defective cards, and since the performance of the device was quite spotty based on the first tests, be it raw power or temperature, many people immediately began consolidating it.

Since then, Nvidia has also talked about this, and they have tried to reassure everyone that it was just a misunderstanding. The error phenomenon in question – in our opinion, pre-shaders don’t work on Navi 31 GPUs – is a false alarm that, according to the color red, works just as well under RDNA 3 as it did in previous generations.

The official statement says that the part of the code highlighted by the leaker is broken because it controls experimental functionality that was not included in this generation, so the code itself is not necessary.

According to AMD, this does not mean that the A0 chips are defective (it means the hardware version number of the silicon chip, right), since the RX 6000 and 5000 cards are largely based on it, and Nvidia has such a series. In other words, the dog is not buried here, if one of the 7,000 cards does not work as it should, then this is not the reason.

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What’s your opinion? Is this an appropriate response to the issues raised?

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