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More than one hundred contestants competed

More than one hundred contestants competed
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More than one hundred contestants competed

On Sunday, April 28, the Zoldmiezo Horse Sports Association organized its fifth recreational horse race. The event, created in collaboration with the Hungarian Federation of Equestrian Recreational Sports, was held at Tabodi Farm. A total of 15 federations were represented in the competition, and 160 entries were made during the day, in 20 different skill, show jumping and dressage categories. At this event, those interested can also encourage participants in the Hobby Horse and Haflingian dressage competitions.

Results of the Zoldemizo Equestrian Association:

Practicing the leadership skill

They ran a flawless course:
Buddha Norina
Bana biburka toth
Sarah Beto Gallo
Akos Firenze
Isabella Varga
Hanna Yuhasz
Matty Chucky
Lottie Chucky

4 error points:
Amelia Letty Series
Dominique Cherry
Petra speaks

8 error points:
Little Endre

Beginner rider skill category:
Second place: Sassi Lotti Leela

Beginner skill – under 10 years:
Fourth place: Petra Beto Gallo
Fifth place: Lena Hegedes
Excluded: Sarah Abate Toth

Beginner skill – over 10 years:
Second place: Rokolia Zoe
Third place: Katalin Timea Petrucci
Fourth place: Beto Gallo Pana
Eighth place: Mirela Szabo
Ninth place: Ceres Titanella

Advanced skill I. Error time:
First place: Ceres Titanella
Second place: Tsuka Leela
Fourth place: Zoe Zelia Szegedy
Tenth place: Eszter Ildico Kiss
Excluded: Sarah Abate Toth

Advanced skill II. style:
Seventh place: Judit Greta Mzaros
Rica Hannah Tortelli
Aaron Zinti Toth
Sarah Banffy

Advanced skill II. Error time:
Third place: Rahel Kovacs
Fifth place: Sarah Victoria Rosa
Tenth place: Sarah Banfi
11th place: Rebecca Nagy Marton
14th place: Georgina Belli Hajnalka
Zuza Zabo
Zinti Aaron Toth

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Hard Skill I. Error Time:
Fourth place: Rica Hannah Tortelli
Eighth place: Esther Dubos

Hard skill II. Error time:
Seventh place: Esther Dubos

Jump over obstacles
He performed a flawless course:
Watermelon flora
Esther the drummer
Diana Jagger

Complete the course with 4 error points:
Hanka Ladani

Jumping 50-60 cm error time:
Second place: Zoe Dennis
Fifth place: Diana Jagger
Sixth place: Timea Bajki

Show jumping 60-70 cm:
Second place: Noemi Hanka Ladani

Jump 60-70 cm – error time:
Fourth place: Diana Jagger
Fifth place: Zoe Dennis
Excluded: Timea Bjaki

Compare jumping 70-80cm:
First place: Noemi Hanka Ladani

Compare jumping 80-90cm:
Second place: Noemi Hanka Ladani
Third place: Noemi Hanka Ladani

D1 Dressage Program:
Third place: Emma Zselecki-Dennis

C2 Dressage Program:
Third place: Judit Greta Mazaros

E8 Dressage Program:
First place: Janka Gulyas
Second place: Laila Hatfani
Third place: Barbara Toth
Fourth place: Timea Chanye

The organizers thank the following sponsors for their assistance: DÉL-100 Kft., Rollsped Kft., KATÉP TÜZÉP, MARILLEN Kft., Félegyházi Pékség Kft., Eszter Dallos, GOLD Horse, Sally Horse Beauty, Attila Jager and family, András Gémes and family, Róbert Dobos and family, László Mészáros and family, Zoltan Denis and his family, Joseph Tabudi and his family, Anita Szabo and his family, the ZMSE team and the parent community.


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