We’ll soon be able to reply to Gmail messages with the push of a button and use emojis. There will be a separate button for this, there is no need to start entering text. This can be deduced from the code snippets, some of which have already managed to make it work.

Google is reportedly working on bringing one-touch emojis to Gmail as well. Of course, emojis can already be used in messages, and the company’s new idea is that it will be possible to respond to an email using emojis. This way we can express our opinion in a message without writing anything to the sending party – he will only see, for example, that we liked his message about a salary increase. Or we just laughed about it.

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Apparently via AssembleDebug Discover The new feature will be primarily available on mobile devices and is expected to launch from October. The reaction emoji can be selected in the top right corner of the message and can be chosen from a range of emojis – as shown in the video below:

Senders will see how we responded at the bottom of the email. On the other hand, those who don’t use Gmail will, somewhat bizarrely, receive a new email for each reaction, he notes. Robot police.

The feature is still in development, and based on available information, Google may have been working on it for some time – it’s expected to be released sometime around October.

At the moment, it’s questionable whether desktop and iPhone clients will also get the functionality, but it’s very likely – with a slight delay at most. By the way, a similar function has been available in Microsoft Outlook for some time.

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