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The road to the Chinese Winter Olympics passes through the Czech Republic

The road to the Chinese Winter Olympics passes through the Czech Republic

This year, the women’s hockey team did something we wouldn’t even have dared dream about a few years ago: it could have been in the top flight at the World Cup. You can now overwrite it in a few days! If he succeeds in qualifying for the Czech Olympics, he will be there to attend the Winter Olympics in Beijing which begins on February 4.

There will be 10 teams on the women’s hockey field at the Winter Olympics this February. In the women’s version of the sport, “Since the Beginning of Time” Canada and the United States stand out from the field. They can only play rated matches against each other. Of course, they could not be reached at the World Cup in August. Canada won the final between the two 3-2 after extra time.

In addition to the two teams, the four national teams behind them, Finland, Switzerland, Russia (whatever they are called in Beijing) and Japan, also qualified for 10th place.

Also automatically participate in the host China. Twelve teams will compete for the remaining three spots this week. At three locations, Füssen in Germany, Lulea in Sweden and Chomutov in the Czech Republic.

Hungary plays in Chomutov, near the German border (between Karlovy Vary and Dresden). In addition to the hosts, he will fight with the Poles and Norwegians. I would reassure those less familiar with hockey, but less familiar with the female version, that the chances here are not the same for the men in such a quartet. In English: Our women’s national team is not an opportunity against Norway and the Czech Republic.

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There are 42 national teams in women’s hockey. In the current standings, Hungary is tenth, but perhaps many people remember that it finished ninth in the World Cup in August, ahead of Denmark, which it defeated.

Norway was not in the World Cup finals and is three times behind Hungary in the standings. Poland only at 19.

Hungarian fans are also aware of the players’ abilities in the latter, because their players are in the international tournament, the EWHL, and go to the two leading Hungarian clubs, MAC and KMH, respectively. Good to start with girls, a reassuring victory can lay the foundation for a good weekend getaway. This match will start soon at noon. Thanks to the lottery, we will play the Norwegians in the second match (Saturday). It is no longer possible to speak of a clear chance of winning there. But maybe you will. If, according to the paper model, both teams win their first two meetings, then

There will be a huge battle for the Olympic Games between the Czech Republic and Hungary on Sunday afternoon.

It takes 60 minutes (maximum 65) to decide who can go to Beijing. It could also be a penalty shootout.

At the time of compiling the program, the Czechs were as unsportsmanlike as possible against us, but we call this a charitable advantage in the home field. The Czech-Polish meeting will end around 6 am on Saturday, while the Hungarian-Norwegian meeting will take place after 10 am. And after 17 hours, the Hungarians will have to be on the ice again for their last (supposed) meeting. We have four hours less rest and renewal than in the Czech Republic, and that can decide a lot at this pace.

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Three victories worthy of an Olympic appearance.  Photo: MJSZ / Dávid Vörös

The Czech Republic is a better team, but not as unbeatable. Soon the match against us in the World Cup was decided, but after 0-4 our team was fine.

Rika Debassi and then Fanny Gasparix also paid off, and even Emma Krish could have gotten the girls closer to the opponent by selling a penalty kick.

But he didn’t find it after that. We now hope that we will not give the half-game advantage to our national team, which has been greatly enhanced since the last session against the Czechs. Alexandra Husak, one of the best Hungarian women hockey players, who often missed the World Cup, is back.

We won’t be the odds on Sunday, but there were many miracles on the ice.

How magical it would be if we saw a Hungarian hockey team at the Olympics again! We’ll see it more precisely for the first time. Since the last time Hungarian players were in five-episode games (men’s, as there was no women’s version at the time), most fans are not yet live. Anyone who has escaped a TV newspaper search in vain because the short summaries of the 1964 Winter Games came from (not geographically, but politically!) from Innsbruck.

Chomutov qualification program for the Olympic Games:

Thursday, 12:00: Hungary – Poland

Thursday, 16:00: Czech Republic-Norway

Saturday 13 November 16:00: Poland – Czech Republic
Saturday 13 November 20:00: Hungary-Norway

Sunday 14 November 16:00: Czech Republic-Hungary
Sunday 14 November 20:00: Norway – Poland

In the opening photo: Hopefully Chumutov is Sapporo for women’s hockey! Photo: MJSZ / Dávid Vörös

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