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The former Subaru was sold to Colin McRae for 210 million HUF
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The former Subaru was sold to Colin McRae for 210 million HUF

The model, codenamed 22B, was intended to celebrate Subaru’s three consecutive manufacturers’ WRC victories, and also to coincide with the manufacturer’s 40th anniversary. In the engine compartment is the code EJ22 powered by a 2.2-liter turbocharged Boxer engine. The power source is theoretically capable of producing 276 horsepower, thanks to an agreement reached between Japanese car manufacturers at the time, which was practically violated by almost everyone. Thus the exact performance value is not known, but it is known that the transmission, clutch, driveshaft, brakes and chassis were replaced with the same ones as in the rally version.

Series-produced examples were also made as a limited edition, with 400 Subarus cars delivered to Japan, 16 to the UK, and 5 models to Australia, and the Japanese batch is said to have sold out in one day. All three models deserve more special treatment: the first was bought by Colin McRae, the second Nikki Greste and the third David Lapworth. The car, which was sold at auction a few days ago, only traveled 7,333 miles, equivalent to 11,802 kilometers, and it also came with a package of invoices proving its full service history. In light of all this, the winning bid of $606,000, roughly 210 million Hungarian forints, is not very surprising.

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