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The cheeky birds have taken over the city, so they jump over the cars, otherwise they lie in the middle of the road

The cheeky birds have taken over the city, so they jump over the cars, otherwise they lie in the middle of the road

Peacocks have invaded a small town in England and are causing more and more disturbances. They are screaming all day, blocking traffic, and scraping car paint. Peacock’s infestation divides the locals. Some would like to get rid of them, others cling to them.

Every morning, the people of Maryport, England, wake up to the sound of a peacock.

One young woman complained, “They start shaking me at four in the morning and they don’t stop.”

In the beginning, there were only three peacocks in the former mining town, and then everyone loved them. They brought magic and exoticism to the city of 12,000 residents. They lived in the courtyard of the local hotel, which closed five years ago. Since then, the number of birds has grown to thirty, and they are everywhere. Maryport was almost under their control.

One man said, “If I want to see peacocks walking, all I have to do is look out the window.”

These beautiful birds with colorful feathers do not belong to anyone and are very friendly with children.

One woman explained: “Children sometimes give him potato chips because they like them, otherwise they eat all the leftovers that people throw away.”

But it also causes more and more discomfort. They leave a lot of dirt in parks and playgrounds. They jump on cars and scratch the paint. Sometimes they lie in the middle of the road, blocking traffic.

Recently, three peacocks died, two of them were hit by a car and the third was poisoned. Since then, many people have been speculating about who the Peacock killer could be.

Local residents are increasingly divided by the presence of birds. The city administration is constantly bombarded with petitions. Some call to catch peacocks, others to save them.

“They can’t even bring their own litter box, let alone catch peacocks,” said one animal lover who regularly feeds the birds. According to him, without the beautiful colorful peacock, life would be gray again for most people.

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