We show how this very rare Treser Audi Super 200, which strikes the fine line between sport and luxury, was painted, inside and out.

At the 1979 Frankfurt Motor Show, Audi presented its first real model, the Audi 200, based on but positioned above the Audi 100, the second generation of which was introduced in 1983.

The latter was in production until 1991 and approximately 94,000 copies were produced, of which approximately 34,000 were quattro all-wheel drive.

The Audi 200, also used by Professor Brinkmann, and known from the German film series “Die Schwarzwaldklinik”, was the basis for the special limited series edition, a copy of which was recently found in excellent condition in Kiesmarton, Austria.

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The attached photos show the Treser Audi Super 200, which is nothing more than a limited edition version of the Audi 200 quattro with a unique body kit and revised drivetrain.

The project was led by Walter Tresser, who died in 2021 at the age of 81, father of the all-wheel drive Quattro from 1977 and later leading Audi's sports division.

Ferdinand Piech and Walter Treiser, among others, brought success to the Opel Calibra in the DTM

Trezer later founded his own company and worked on converting Audi cars. We can thank him, for example, for the first truly powerful quattro, the first German station wagon with a turbo engine, the first all-wheel drive Audi with an extended wheelbase and open roof, and the first true Audi off-roader.

The Treser Audi Super 200 has a larger intercooler than the base model, new K-Jetronic injectors, a unique cylinder head, and a sports exhaust. During tuning, among other things, the brake system was strengthened, the chassis was lowered, and the passenger compartment was not forgotten.

While Audi's 2.1-2.2 liter five-cylinder engines can produce 136-137 hp without a turbo, 182-200 hp with supercharging, and 220 hp in the case of the 20-valve version, the Super 200 produces no less than 245 Horsepower. On four wheels.

Only the big brother, which debuted in 1988 and was eventually born as the Audi V8 instead of the Audi 300, was able to do more, with a 3.6-4.2 liter V8 with 250-280 hp.

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