A tolvajok elleni küzdelemért alapít céget a Ford

Ford creates a company to fight thieves

The new company, called Canopy, will launch its first commercial vehicle security system in the US and UK in early 2023.

“Backs are becoming more active during the pandemic and they know entrepreneurs are storing valuable equipment in vehicles, often worth more than $50,000,” said Frank-Louis Victor, Vice President of New Business Platforms at Ford. “Canopy offers a solution to those who are tired of thieves.”

The FBI estimates that $7.4 billion in business equipment was stolen in the US in 2020 – and the true figure is likely to be higher. Small businesses are at increased risk of theft, as they may lose business opportunities while replacing assets.

In addition to its retrofit solutions, Canopy will integrate camera-based security systems into Ford vehicles starting next year, and will later look for opportunities to install third-party vehicles.

complex technology

Headquartered in London and Detroit, Canopy’s first product uses in-vehicle audio sensors, cameras and radars, LTE wireless data transmission and GPS technology.

A camera will be placed on the car, the owners of which can view the image in real time using the Canopy app. The system sends an alert to the owner’s phone if it detects signs of theft, such as the sound of broken glass or suspicious movement around the vehicle. The owner will then have the opportunity to speak into his mobile phone to alert potential thieves using the two-way audio feature.

There will be no false alarms

Turning on the MI in the system would be able to distinguish innocuous signals – such as a cat jumping on a plateau – from those that indicate illegal activities, thus avoiding false alarms.

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The subscription solution will also allow for professional vehicle monitoring by ADT specialists. They can notify the owner, call the police, or intervene to prevent theft if the system is alerted.

The system, like subsequent Canopy products, will be able to install cars of other brands in addition to Ford.

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