Indicator – Economy – Budapest’s newest district is under construction

Budapest Zugló’s newest district, in the immediate vicinity of Bosnyák tér, is being built as part of the private investment of the Bayer Construct Zrt group. Eight buildings – one residential building and seven office buildings – will be set up on an area of ​​about seven hectares, and an environmentally conscious and sustainable living space will be created in the frequented part of the city.

There will be amusement parks and pedestrian streets and underground garages will be built under the complex. The large-scale project will also move the region’s infrastructure in a positive direction: the road network, public works, a bicycle path will be built, and the environment of the Rákos stream will be improved, he writes. Hungarian builders.

The buildings will be heated using geothermal energy, with a modern heat pump system, so the overhead will also be lower. A comprehensive water management strategy has been prepared for large-scale development, the environmentally conscious elements of which mitigate the effects of climate change.

With the large-scale development, practically the entire environment of Bosnyák tér will be renovated, at a cost of over HUF 11 billion.

(Cover image: É pül is the new center of Bosnyák tér on Csömöri út. Photo: b Sandor Ranstetter / MTI)