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The best built-in items in the bedroom

The best built-in items in the bedroom

No matter if space is limited, bedroom design is inconvenient, or we just want to use the wardrobe for other purposes, built-in items in the bedroom can make our life a lot easier.

Built-in storage adds value to the property as well as solving homeowner’s storage problems. There are several installation methods that provide additional storage space. If you want to add unique items to your bedroom, consider shelves, drawers, TV, locker line And the installation of a desk or dressing table!


Shelves form the backbone of any storage system and can go all the way up to the ceiling. That’s why you should consider these first when you plan to install them in the bedroom. However, the quality of the shelves is just as important, especially above the bed, where low-quality pieces can get stuck and fall off. Make sure all shelves are stable and can hold a lot of weight if needed!

The shelves look great around the bed and are functional too. They can create an interesting focal point in a room, replacing the headboard of a bed. They can be designed further with LED disc lights, but can be covered with a cabinet door. This reduces the feeling of clutter while providing quality storage space.


A custom wardrobe is the first thing that comes to mind for most of us when we talk about built-in items in a bedroom, so a built-in drawer can cover an entire bedroom wall. In addition to hanging rails and shelves hidden behind cabinet doors, the cabinets also have drawers.

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One of the many advantages of drawers is that they make room for small things

For organization, for example, underwear, socks, hair accessories and fashionable jewelry can be kept in it. Larger drawers can be used for sweaters, towels, and thicker home textiles. In fact, anything we usually keep in the bedroom can be stored in the built-in wardrobe drawers. This allows us to save space as well as create a unique storage option.

Built-in wardrobe with TV

Do you like watching TV while lying in bed? You deserve this experience! If you are a big fan of feng shui and the TV in the bedroom and you are lying in the same spot, you can still cover it with doors. The most important thing is to place an adequately sized booth with a matching electrical outlet in the built-in storage. This is a feature that even future homebuyers will appreciate.

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