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The best bathroom furnishing ideas for small spaces

The best bathroom furnishing ideas for small spaces

Reasonable and practical placement of mandatory items

The first and most important task of a bathroom is to be able to clean in it, and it shows. It is not important to do this in the bathtub or shower cabin. The bathtub takes up more space, but you can also take a bath in it, not to mention the warm essential oil baths in winter.

If the floor space is too small, unfortunately we have to say goodbye to the bathtub. The shower can be practically installed even in a very small space shower tray We’re thinking of a walk-in, or even a unique built-in shower. There are many variations to choose from. There are also shower trays with very small edges, where grandparents and young children can easily enter. The bottom of some versions is even anti-slip.

The sink can be built-in, which also has space for a small cabinet with drawers, so that one element performs two functions. The size and shape of the baths can be different, from square to round. There is also a wide range of materials. We can also place small shelves next to or above the sink, so as to obtain additional storage surfaces.

Shelving items can be placed in several places on the wall, even cleaning products that we do not use daily can be placed in the places above, and they are childproof if placed at the highest possible height. There can be a small shelf above the door, above the bathtub, by the window.

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As few accessories as possible

If the bathroom essentials are already included and there is still room left, you can consider smaller accessories, such as a trash can, some cute plants, a towel dryer, a laundry rack, and more. However, care must be taken to ensure that the bathroom is not crowded at the end. It is important to be able to move freely in it.

With the understanding that sometimes less is more, let’s create an order of importance for non-essential accessories. A small trash can, for example, can be useful in many ways in a bathroom, especially if the toilet can also be placed there. The laundry hamper can go elsewhere if the washing machine is not in the bathroom.

The toilet can be moved to another room

Some people like to put the toilet in the bathroom and claim it, while others are especially happy if it is placed in another room. They both have advantages and disadvantages.

If the toilet is already in another room, we have no problem where to put it. If you specifically want to go to the bathroom, you need to find a suitable place for that as well. It’s not lucky if it’s squashed too much into a corner, because we sit on it several times a day for longer or shorter periods. Comfort is important here too.

Integrated washing machine and fridge

If there is no separate laundry room or any basement room for the washing machine, it can also be installed in the bathroom. The cover can be placed on it as a bathroom vanity, so it will be really multifunctional.

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By the way, you can imagine placing the washing machine in many other rooms. It can also enter the room used as a wardrobe, the main thing is that it is not in sight. If you don’t have room in the bathroom, by all means put the laundry basket next to it, so it can at least get out of the shower and free up some space.

For all devices that use water, the limitation is whether the water can be pumped into a specific room or whether the drainage problem can be solved.

Even drying clothes can be solved in the smallest bathroom with thermal detergents. With the dryer retracted to the ceiling, there is no need to humidify the air in the apartment, it is enough to let the moisture out of clothes through the bathroom window. This can also be a space-saving solution, not at all in sight.

Only economically!

With the few tips above, even small bathrooms can be transformed into multifunctional spaces, and everything is a little cheaper in a small room.

Simple shelf items will decorate the bathroom with its natural effect, and you don’t need to buy expensive full bathroom furniture. With unique solutions, we can design storage units according to our own ideas.

It is worth looking for quality brands of showers, sinks and toilets, as we use them every day, and it is important that they are durable. The faucet must not be operated for a week after installation. So let’s not skimp on these. Once you have the selected products, all that is left is the professional installation, and you can enjoy your own small and comfortable bathroom. (x)

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