2022 OTKA Tender Launch

2022 OTKA Tender Launch

Tamas Chanda, ITM Parliamentary and Strategic Minister of State, in a statement, supported by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM), announced OTKA’s 2022 applications. Sending them to MTI.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs added: The increased budget of HUF 13.5 billion can help implement about 350-400 basic research projects, achieve outstanding scientific results, develop new methods and procedures, and have a deeper understanding of natural and social phenomena. The primary objective of the program is to contribute to the development of science and to enhance the international recognition and competitiveness of Hungarian scientists and research institutions.

As in previous years, the application for individual researchers and research groups will be launched with five sub-programs. The Postdoctoral Excellence Program supports young people who have completed their academic degree no later than five years early in their career. The Young Researchers Excellence Program really helps you launch your research topic and build your research team. The most experienced researchers and the research teams they lead can apply for funding under a subprogramme modeled on a research topic with a history of more than 30 years. The other two subprogrammes can again contribute to the implementation of the planned projects in the Hungarian-Austrian-Slovenian cooperation.

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Tamas Chanda explained: Based on the results so far, the government will make Hungary one of the most important European innovators by 2030. By the beginning of the next decade, three percent of GDP could be spent on research, development and innovation. Last year, we spent more than ever, around 771 billion HUF, on these knowledge-based areas. The amount from the state budget has essentially doubled since 2010. The resources available in the OTKA tender are increasing year by year: compared to HUF 11.5 billion last year, an additional support of HUF 2 billion can be requested next year. It is easy to find a host for an ever-expanding budget, as the number of people working in research and development has increased the most in Hungary since 2010.”

With the continuous updating of tenders, the system increasingly meets the needs. The administrative burden of grant use and cost accounting has decreased significantly in recent years. In the current advocacy, the share of funding available for direct research purposes has increased. The post-doctoral system is made more flexible by the possibility of part-time work. High-quality publication is a key requirement in publicly funded projects, so that research results become visible to the international scientific community and the general public. It is the responsibility of the winning researchers to make their publications available free of charge in the spirit of open access. The OTKA Support System also provides a separate cover for each project.

The detailed call for proposals is available on the NKFIH website. The application deadline may be February or March of next year, depending on the subprogramme. Results are expected in the summer of 2022, and the winning projects can start in September – read the ITM announcement.

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