Apple recently introduced the latest version of the iPad Pro. One of the special features of the device is the new M4 processor, and the manufacturer also likes to mention the thinness of the tablet. But doesn't such a thin device bend easily? Apple claims to have taken care to avoid such a problem.

When the redesigned iPad Pro was released two years ago, in 2018, it quickly became clear that the model was pleasingly thin (just 5.9 mm), but there was a small problem with it. As noted “torture lab” Zack Nelson points out, the airy-looking, metal-framed device bends quite easily.

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This was a 5.9mm thick tablet, but the 13-inch successor introduced a few days ago features a surprisingly thinner design, just 5.1mm (excluding the camera bulge). That is, it's thinner than the previously curved iPad Pro, and it's no coincidence that it's being referred to as Apple's thinnest device yet. So the question is relevant again: how will it not bend?

The answer is one (i.e It also appeared on X) given by Apple specialists in an interview. For example, Vice President John Ternos said, the internal structure of the new iPad has been completely redesigned so that it remains solid despite its thinness. “One interesting thing is that the main logic board runs in the middle between the two iPad Pro batteries. This is very useful for heat dissipation because it distributes the heat evenly. But there is also a new metal cover on the main board that also helps with heat dissipation, creating a central fin that Effectively, it goes all the way, which greatly improves the rigidity of the product,” Timos said.

By the way, the new tablets come with an advanced 3nm M4 chip, Ultra Retina After the delivery of the first parts has already begun, torture tests and iFixit disassembly tests are expected soon, when we will be able to see the aforementioned internal changes with our own eyes.

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