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INDEX – SPORTS – Peter Johasz was literally unstoppable on the BL Tour of Serbia

INDEX – SPORTS – Peter Johasz was literally unstoppable on the BL Tour of Serbia

Peter Johasz finished fifth in the first competition of the 2023 Champions League. The strongman from Mádi won the series for the first time in his career, but his valiant performance was only good enough to compensate somewhat for the damage he had accumulated at the start of the race, through no fault of his own. his side.

I have never experienced anything like it in my professional life. The truck pulled in ninth, which felt really tough. I didn’t even understand, when I saw the tugging in front of me, that I couldn’t put it anywhere – nor could the others. While the best in the field took 30-35 seconds, I managed it in 60 seconds – Johasz told Premium Media about the unfortunate situation. – After the number, the race organizers and the owner of the series came to apologize: the driver admitted that he had forgotten to fully release the handbrake when I pulled away. They offered me to check it out again, but it didn’t make sense. I was so angry because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do really well in the second round anyway. In the end I had a ten-second catch up so I wasn’t last but second in the race. Practically, as for me, this competition started from here, moreover, from the end of the field.

However, Juhász did not lose his mind over what happened, in fact, without the responsibility, he probably could have fought for the podium all the way.

He also finished third in the Viking press and deadlift, and finished sixth in the bench press, finishing thirteenth overall. While with the 155-kilogram bags, he completed the 2 x 25-meter competition distance the fastest – thus winning the prestigious field for the first time in his career.

The issue came right after the truck was towed, and since I was at the very end of the field, I came second. I definitely wanted to show what I can do. I covered the distance in twenty-three seconds, and I hit three or four seconds to finish second, and it was a resounding success. I was so happy and proud

Remember moments that are experiences.

“My main goal was to finish in the top five, six at the most. I’m proud to have put it together after such an inauspicious start. Especially since the competition win has been won too. With the exception of drag trucks, I’ve had results that I think prove I have a place in the field. Encourage me.” Others too, seeing that I was a little depressed after what happened, which shows their acceptance of me, added the athlete who serves in the fire department of Tiszaújváros.

The Champions League season continues for Peter Johasz in Finland at the end of July, where a two-day round will take place. However, the three-time Hungarian champions still have some challenges ahead: in the coming weekend, they will be able to prove themselves against the talents of the Carpathian Basin as well as the domestic sporting leaders in the renewed League Cup International Series Premium Strongman League.