Leclerc: The pace of our competition is just as good


Friday, July 2, 2021, 8:16 pm


Ferrari closed a mixed day on Friday for the Austrian Grand Prix. They had both drivers in the top three in the first free practice and out of ten in the second. However, like last week, they weren’t worried now.

Last weekend’s Styria Grand Prix, which took place in Spielberg, was an almost unforgettable memory for Ferrari until Sunday’s race. Charles Leclerc then only trusted the pace of the race, and not unreasonably: after the first lap with Pierre Gasly in Monaco, he climbed to seventh with a great race, and is even the rider of the day.

The path is the same, the result is somewhat, and so are the expectations. Surprisingly, in the first free practice, the Ferrari duo followed pioneer Max Verstappen, but in the afternoon, only 13 (Sainz) and 16 (Leclerc) were theirs. According to Leclerc, you shouldn’t start from what you saw in your second training session at all.

“There’s still a lot of work to do to understand this mixture, as it’s the first time we’ve used it and we can’t really keep it in the optimum range,” Monaco noted that Pirelli brought the softer C5 rubber blend to Austria.

Leclerc, who was still waving to the camera in the first practice and had already slipped into the fallout in the second, was still happy on Friday. “We still have to work on that, but overall, we had a good day. The pace of our competition is as strong as last week. At the one-round pace, there is still some work to be done. We don’t have the small step that would propel us forward. So far, but hopefully there will be tomorrow,” he said after free practice.

His colleague Carlos Sainz says there is no cause for concern either. Although the Spaniard didn’t feel completely comfortable in the car, he was hopeful. “We went with similar settings last week, but, as if you were sitting in a completely different car. It also shows the complexity of Formula One racing cars,” the Spaniard said. “Slight change of wing, little change of conditions, and it feels like it’s not the same car. .”

“We see a similar picture to last week. I think in the timer, even though we’re good in the corners, because 80% of the circuit is ground gas, we’re going to lag a little bit under the law of large numbers. Then comes the race where you have to fight for control,” he said. Sainz: “Hopefully our car comes alive too.”

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