All popular browsers are affected by a new serious vulnerability, which has already been patched by the developers in all cases – we show the affected browsers and the versions that have already been patched.

No matter which browser you use, you should definitely update: a Stack diary We reported on a serious vulnerability in the most popular browsers, and the important patch has already arrived for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Brave, and Tor – developers were supposedly aware of this bug for a few days, and it wasn’t fixed within hours.

With the help of the discovered vulnerability, attackers can – with common sense – take control of computers, steal data or introduce malware into the device.

According to Google, the problem registered under the codename CVE-2023-4863 has already been exploited by attackers, so it is not really worth delaying the update of our browser – the method for this may vary from program to program, and in some cases manual intervention is required for research and installation.

In the case of individual browsers, the following versions are protected – and of course, the latest version numbers are already protected:

  • Chrome: 116.0.5845.187 on macOS and Linux, 116.0.5845.187/187 on Windows
  • Mozilla: Firefox 117.0.1, Firefox ESR 102.15.1, Firefox ESR 115.2.1, Thunderbird 102.15.1, Thunderbird 115.2.2
  • Edge: 116.0.1938.81
  • Brave: 1.57.64
  • Tor: 12.5.4

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