When we think of go-karting as a recreational option, most people think of racing against a stopwatch or against others on an asphalt strip covered in used tires, often surrounded by the smell of gasoline. There are plenty of people (us) who fully enjoy it in this form, but perhaps it’s not enough for the younger generation, when they first encounter karts in the Mario Kart video game, which is arguably rich in both visuals and action.

However, this world has already been translated into reality. A company specializing in this, BattleKart, has already opened 14 tracks in Belgium, France and Germany, where the game world appears in real life thanks to augmented reality technology.

The field of play here is not a track enclosed by frames, but a room in which the current game is projected from the ceiling using projectors. This can be a similar game to the Mario Kart already mentioned in the example above, where bonus fields on a virtual racetrack can be used to slow others down, for example by launching a rocket, or to speed up a go-kart we’re driving. The electric motor comes in handy here, as the car’s power level can be controlled from a computer. See how it works live:

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In addition, you can play occupied territory, where you have to narrow down the territory to which the opponent goes, but there are also options for virtual football, billiards and many other games. Their prices vary from country to country, but they demand around €20 (7,800 forints) in facilities for a single trip.

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