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Index – Culture – The richest woman in Australia was drawn and exposed and a scandal broke out

Index – Culture – The richest woman in Australia was drawn and exposed and a scandal broke out

Australia's richest woman, Gina Rinehart, is demanding that the National Gallery of Australia remove an unflattering photo of her from its exhibition, she writes Sky News.

Portrait of a mining millionaire with a “double chin” by award-winning artist Vincent Namatjira. The picture depicts other important figures such as King Charles II. It is located next to pictures of Queen Elizabeth and former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard Australia in colour As part of the exhibition.

In response to the takedown request — Reinhart has yet to speak publicly about it — Namatjira said he “paints the world as he sees it.”

A spokesperson for the National Gallery commented on the incident, according to ABC News, saying that it “welcomes the public to have a dialogue about their collection and exhibitions.” The work has been described as “Mr Namatjira is renowned for his light-hearted paintings” and “a celebrated portraitist and satirical chronicler of Australian identity”.

He draws people who influence him

Vincent Namatjira said people don't have to like his paintings, but he hopes they take the time to look at them and ask, “Why did this Aboriginal man paint these huge people? What do you mean by that?” – Comment on the case.

I paint people who are rich, powerful, and important – people who have impacted this country and me personally, directly or indirectly, for better or for worse.

– Tell.

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Lisa Slade, deputy director of artistic programs at the Art Gallery of South Australia, where the work was on display until the beginning of this year, said she believed Rinehart had not seen the exhibition in person. He also added that portraiture is not a photographic art, but rather an art of expression, the art of perception and the creation of identity and individuality.