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Gabor Koksera and Zabina Tabai: We reconciled a few months ago, but we wanted to spend this time focusing on each other and the children

Gabor Koksera and Zabina Tabai: We reconciled a few months ago, but we wanted to spend this time focusing on each other and the children

They manage to discuss everything with each other, including cheating.

Gabor Koksera And Zabina Tabai They will be Hajdo run out guests Go on On Friday night's episode. In the introduction to the show, it was revealed in the past few days that although the handball player shared with the public last February that she and her husband, who cheated on her, have been living separately for months, their divorce has not been finalized since then.

When I wanted to, Zabina didn't do it, and when she wanted to divorce me, I didn't do it either

– Kucsera said in the trailer, admitting that he was indeed unfaithful to his wife, although he always denied it to her.

Blikk has now received additional information from the show detailsAbout which the newspaper wrote:

“No more questions: Szabina Tápai and Gábor Kucsera are a couple again.”

We actually reconciled a few months ago, but we wanted to live this out by focusing on each other and the kids, and definitely feel like we could work this out.

– They revealed together when recording the broadcast, adding: They discussed everything with each other, including infidelity, so that they could honestly start a new chapter in their relationship.

This was the point where I really started to believe in him again, because we had already been divorced for two years, but not on paper, because life didn't give it that way. There were secrets he had to confess that I already knew from other sources. There were times when we would just laugh because I was thinking about another woman… Did you tell him not to do that, even with her?

Tapai recalls.

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Gabor Kučera said about their relationship that he was at that stage in his life when he was upset if his wife touched him, and he was also upset when she asked him how he was, which provoked him. third party. He confirmed that since then they have also been able to clarify this, and about the possibility of divorce, he said:

For some reason this never happened. We always wrote papers but were never able to submit them. We can never force ourselves to do this. It's easy to argue and cut everything over each other's heads, but when it really came down to it, we shook hands, even though we were completely different, we walked alongside each other. Our relationship has always been characterized by the fact that we never wanted it at the same time, and the other always wanted it more.

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