Sky News presenter Jane Seeker has angered half the internet by saying playing Tetris should not be a life goal after seeing the record set by 13-year-old Willis Gibson.

Willis Gibson's name was in the news less than a week ago, after it was revealed that the 13-year-old is believed to be the first person in the world to master the game Tetris. This basically means that you have reached a point in the game that has caused it to freeze and you can no longer continue playing. So far, only artificial intelligence has succeeded.

the Sky News Its host, Gene Secker, gave another boost to the story. The British television channel broadcast the recording showing the recording, after which Seker looked into the camera and ended the introduction by saying

“As a mom, I would just say, 'Get off the screen! Get outside, get some fresh air! Beating Tetris is not a life goal.'

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Sekar's comments divided netizens, many of whom described his comment as old-fashioned and disappointing.

as BBC Notes: Setting the highest scores is an important part of gaming, and these types of videos can rack up millions of views.

According to the streamer known only as Nikoheart on Twitch, the problematic sentence may have been uttered in part because, in his opinion, the host does not have sufficient knowledge of gamer culture. As he said, he would like presenters to take more time to understand what these records mean.

“Every game has a layer of people who are driven to perfection and set the greatest records. All this by investing their free time and physical and mental energy into achieving their goals. Gibson's score has been appreciated by the entire gaming world,” said Neckhardt.

the Sky News He has not yet commented on Sikar's words.

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