While saying goodbye to WordPad, Notepad is getting smarter in Windows: it now gets a new function called Cocreator, which allows you to edit text in the program.

For decades, Notepad was just a low-cost Windows program without any major development – however, Microsoft has definitely started to get involved with it in recent years, for example, recently there was information that a character counter is coming to the program – among Several other updates.

However, the biggest change will only come now, although knowing the trends of the past months, perhaps no one will be surprised by this: artificial intelligence will also arrive in the notebook.

Microsoft is already testing a new feature called Cocreator in the software, but it will only be available in Windows 11, it was revealed. Latest Windows From his article.

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The functionality is still not present in initial releases, however, and there are already several references to it in Notepad code – most of them related to UI elements.

Behind the novelty is the GPT language model, which forms the basis of OpenAI's chatbot (and Windows function) called Copilot. With its help, it will be possible to modify the content on command, in several ways.

There are also references to some sort of credit system, so you probably won't be able to ask the AI ​​for different things 24 hours a day. This may be a bit of a limitation, but one can only speculate on his operation.

The interface that calls the function will be called from the top right corner of the notepad (depending on the current mode), but there will also be a button for the user to learn more about the new feature.

According to the leaked details, the function will provide several options, for example, regarding the length, tone and format of the text – with which the already existing text can be modified at will using artificial intelligence. A counter can also be seen indicating that it will be possible to move between several options, so that the user can choose the version he wants.

Leaked promotional image for the new feature

the Latest Windows According to his information, the new product will be available to testers in a few days, but it is currently unknown when Cocreator may appear directly in Windows 11 builds for general use. In any case, making Notepad smarter is good news for those who will miss the soon-to-be-gone free WordPad.

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AI is already everywhere in Windows – for example, Copilot is built into the operating system itself – but there is also AI functionality in the Edge and Paint browser.

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