They are among the video gamers who like to gain an advantage through some cheating. This desire is exploited by a cunning scam that delivers a dangerous Trojan virus to the unsuspecting player's device.

Cheat Lab, a free tool that basically helps you cheat in games, comes with an unpleasant surprise, because it brings with it the RedLine Trojan – Internet security company McAfee warns. Once an aspirant installs Cheat Lab, their sensitive data is transferred to the servers of the hackers behind the software, including passwords, cookies, auto-fill information for various fields that appear in browsers, and cryptocurrency wallet data.

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Hackers also contribute to the spread of the software by making them believe that it is beta and promising the user that he can access all the features of the scam if he shares the software with his friends. To unlock the full version, simply share this program with your friend. Once you do this, the program will unlock it automatically, read the installation instructions.

Hackers also took care to hide the RedLine trojan from security software (RedLine uses Lua bytecode to avoid detection). The exact method of initial infection has not been determined, but the information thief usually spreads through malicious advertisements, YouTube video descriptions, video game sites and forums, P2P downloads, phishing software download sites, and there are even TikTok videos on how to install it.

The best way to avoid infection with such malware is to play fair in every sense of the word.

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