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Archaeologists found skeletons without arms and legs next to Hermann Goering's former home

Archaeologists found skeletons without arms and legs next to Hermann Goering's former home

May 3, 2024 – 8:54 pm

Archaeologists have found five human skeletons in Poland, next to the former home of Hermann Goering, the second-in-command of the Nazi Third Reich and a close friend of Adolf Hitler, he wrote. CNN.

Archaeologists were excavating the area of ​​the Nazi command center, formerly known as Farkaswierm, in Gerloz, northeastern Poland, when they found part of a human skull. Then the authorities ordered new excavations, and published the Latpra Foundation, which deals with history.

During the search, a total of five skeletons were found, all of which were missing hands and feet.

The remains belong to three adults, a teenager and a newborn baby. The bodies were buried next to the house where Göring lived. It is possible that the bodies were buried naked, as archaeologists did not find any remains of their clothing.

Police are still investigating, and the next important step is to determine the age of the remains using radiocarbon dating. It is not yet clear why the bodies lost their limbs.

“The uniqueness of this discovery lies in the fact that the bodies were found in the area of ​​the best-preserved complex of the Third Reich,” Latpra said in a statement.

Built kilometers from civilization in the forests of north-eastern Poland, Farkaswerm was the command of the Nazis' Eastern Front. Hitler spent nearly three years there. According to the Latpra Foundation, the base was one of the largest military bases in Europe.

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