PlayStation Now's picture quality has been greatly improved

PlayStation Now’s picture quality has been greatly improved

So far, the service only sent 720p video streams.

Those who play games on PlayStation consoles online may experience a positive change in the coming weeks, and instead of 720p, PlayStation Now will finally be ready to offer 1080p visuals. According to Sony, this only applies to games that support resolution, which, unfortunately, has declined to provide a list.

Playstation nowSource: Sony

PlayStation Now was one of the first monthly game streaming services to debut in North America in 2014, allowing over 800 PS2, PS3 and PS4 games to be enjoyed on PCs for a monthly fee. You need a controller to use it, and keyboard and mouse controls are not supported in games made for PlayStation.

The service is not officially available in Hungary, but it is possible to use it, although there is no guarantee in this case that it will work without any noticeable delay. It is not clear when Sony will provide this at home, the process is very slow.

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