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T. Dani hits on the absolute Hungarian star: he flirted with her in front of the cameras – a local star

T. Dani hits on the absolute Hungarian star: he flirted with her in front of the cameras – a local star

On Monday evening, viewers were able to watch the latest episode of Zsákbamacska VIP, which Danny T and Szente Vajk made their debut as a hosting duo. The young singer did not hide the fact that he wanted to meet the absolute star of the show.

T Dani and Juliska Zevalmi

The duo made their debut on the show on May 6, and in the first broadcast they have already created unforgettable moments for viewers. That was the moment when T. Danny started flirting with Juliská Széphalmi in front of the cameras.

In the past few days, the Hungarian press reported that his former lover, Eniko Kecskis, broke up with the singer due to his infidelity. It seems that the handsome musician quickly got over his love for the model, as he publicly praised Juliska Szewalmy, who divorced her husband Lasse Santa Fe in 2020.

Madach Theater dance artist appeared in the show dressed as the sexy devil, T. Danny, already starting a warm give-and-take, then at a certain moment he asked the question: “And do you have a Jansid, Juliska??”

Juliska Széphalmi first corrected the interviewer that Jancsi was actually Juliska's brother in the fairy tale, and then admitted that she did not have a partner and did not consider herself particularly lucky in love.

“I'm here,” T-Danny said a little softly.

At first, Juliska Zevalmy seemed surprised by the open offer, then she asked the singer if he was single, to which she received an affirmative answer.

-Anyway, I watched you dance, you're very popular. He's a tall, strong man who dances beautifully – he responded to the offer of dancer T. Danny, who later raised the stakes even further, by inviting his chosen one backstage to one of his concerts.

Cover image: TV2

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