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Sweden joining NATO: Is America putting pressure?

Sweden joining NATO: Is America putting pressure?

a Reuters reportedA bipartisan delegation from the US Congress will visit Hungary on Sunday, increasing pressure on the two ruling parties to finally approve Sweden's accession to the military organization.

The identity of the incoming senators was not known at the time of writing, and the US Embassy said in a statement on Friday that they were traveling to Hungary “as part of a mission focused on strategic issues affecting NATO and Hungary.” Budapest's ambassador, David Pressman, who has long had the government's attention and is one of the main targets of state media, stated at the beginning of February:

Sweden's accession to NATO is a matter that directly affects the national security of the United States and the security of the Alliance as a whole.

A symbolic visit to America. Image: Deposit images

Péter Szijjártó also answered

The Secretary of State and Trade held a press conference on a different topic today, but among the reporters' questions, there was also a question about the incoming senators. In his response, the Minister explained, among other things,

We are glad they came here, because they see with their own eyes that everything they read about Hungary in the liberal American media is a blatant lie. So they can see with their own eyes that we are in no way an obstacle to Hungarian-American cooperation and its improvement in Hungary.

They can convince themselves of the excellent economic cooperation between the two countries, and they can learn about the beauty of the country, so, like all foreign visitors, members of the US Congress are also welcome here in Hungary.

If they come with the aim of telling us how it would be worth living and what decisions are worth making, I do not recommend it to them, because it would certainly be – as they say – an unfinished business, so it is not worth the trouble.

There is only one problem with Peter Szijjártó's answer: a bipartisan delegation comes from the United States, that is, Republicans whom the government considers friendly are also coming to Hungary, so the guests are unlikely to be only among the frightened readers of “Horror”. American liberal media.”

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