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Ryan Reynolds’ selection and Wrexham’s selection beat the US women’s team 12-0 in a humbling match

Ryan Reynolds’ selection and Wrexham’s selection beat the US women’s team 12-0 in a humbling match

But he no longer has a chance to win the $1 million jackpot.

Yes, we feel the need to explain more about what the hell happened because it seems so ridiculous.

So, for the second time this year in the United States, a soccer tournament called the “Soccer Championship” is being held, with special rules: two 20-minute doubles, 7 on 7, and a prize money of $1 million, winner-take-all. The majority of the 32 invited teams are local or occasional associations, but there are also some important European names (Dortmund, West Ham, Wolverhampton), with mostly unknown or outdated players.

This field also includes a team called US Women, from which we can conclude that this is one of the strongest US women’s teams, but this is not the case, there is no one from the current top team in the tournament. Previous retired national teams have already teamed up with professionals and youngsters who are still playing.

Big boys

Welsh club Wrexham AFC, which has been actively marketing since Ryan Reynolds and Rob McIlhenny became owners, traveled to the action in North Carolina with a similarly assembled brigade: in the company named Wrexham Red Dragons, only two representatives of the first team that had been promoted to the fourth tier In April, but they received 50 a number of their former players who were approaching.

One of those seniors is 46-year-old Lee Trundel, who scored 4 goals for the women’s team. Given the physical differences, it was possible to guess the outcome of the match, but it was still surprising how one-sided it was. Based on the summary, the home team had no real chance, and they conceded dozens of goals while their goalkeeper made almost 20 saves.

Such clashes between the sexes are always of great interest, partly because they are so rare, and perhaps also now because they caused such a stir last year, when the US women’s national team competed for the same prize money as the men.

This trend exists in other sports as well: for a time, women played for the same prize money as men in major tennis tournaments, even though their matches were shorter and of less interest.

Battles between the sexes

By the way, tennis has a certain tradition of exhibition matches between the sexes. Among these events, there were completely trivial antics of recent decades (such as the 10-year-old match between the Chinese Li Na and Novak Djokovic, which lasted only 5 rounds, and which was remembered mainly for the latter’s jokes), as well as matches that were taken seriously. Because of their ancestors.

The last category includes the case in which the Williams sisters, who were at the beginning of their careers, unanimously declared that they could beat any player below the top 200 in the men’s world rankings. After hearing this, No. 203 Carsten Braasch challenged them to one set each, easily beating Serena and Venus one after the other (6-1, 6-2).

Back to the Football Championship: Wrexham missed out on the top eight as they lost 4-3 to Conrad and Paisley United. 🙁

Bella Lackinger

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