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Rosberg says Aston Martin will be in for a headache if Stroll continues like this…

Rosberg says Aston Martin will be in for a headache if Stroll continues like this…

“I don’t understand what happened to him; If the situation does not improve, they can consider the trial case.”

Based on the stats, it is clear who is the master at Aston Martin: in fourteen weekends, Fernando Alonso has been twelve times faster than his brand partner, Lance Stroll, in qualifying, and in terms of races, the “battle” between the two is three ten to one. As for the differences in the standings, they were less at the beginning of the year, although the Canadian started the season with an injury.

In recent weeks, however, Stroll has been well behind Alonso, who after a few tough races in the Netherlands managed to win back the podium. Because of this, the Canadian is receiving more and more criticism, but his team still stands by him, and they indicated at Monza that they would keep him until 2024 as well.

2016 world champion Nico Rosberg recently spoke about this on Sky Sports F1, as it could cost Aston Martin a lot to keep Stroll over the long term, if his form remains unchanged. “I don’t really know what happened to Lance Stroll because he’s basically a better rider.” He said.

Nico Rosberg (Photo: XPB)

“He showed at the start of the season that he can stay close to Fernando. If Fernando was third, he was fifth or sixth. I really don’t know what happened. And now he’s in a difficult phase. In the long term, I don’t think Aston Martin really can afford to put one of her competitors this far behind.Either Lance can get back to where he was and where he needs to be, or they need to start thinking about turning things around for the co-pilot. he added.

He noted that, like many others, he did not consider it inconceivable that if Stroll did not improve, he himself might consider hanging a crash helmet on a nail. “That the team will kick him out? I can not say that, it is impossible. Perhaps Lance would be better off suggesting that if he’s still suffering as he is now, he’ll do something else. It is difficult to judge this from the outside. The easiest thing is to get back to a better state.”

According to Rosberg, it will be important for Aston Martin not only because of the result that Alonso’s team-mate also performs better, but also to constantly motivate the Spaniard’s routine, who can therefore produce better results.

“Fernando also needs motivation and motivation. The mod work is also much better if there are two riders in the pack. In this case the dynamics of the team are completely different, so it is very important that they have two drivers who can be very, very fast.The former Williams and Mercedes driver concluded.

Lance Stroll and Fernando Alonso (Photo: Aston Martin)

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