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Place: A small village with a lot of history – Soli

Place: A small village with a lot of history – Soli

From the content of the September 11 broadcast.

The Roman road to the village of Abuska could have been “feheruuaru rea meneh hodu utu”. This is where the army of Prince István of Esztergom-Fehérvár arrived in 997 to fight the Kobani who revolted around Veszprém. During the decisive battle, the heir to the throne could have been left in a protected place in Soli, which indicates that the church bearing the name of St. Stephen the Martyr (he was the patron saint of King Stephen) was built here, from which the ruler dated his donation letter of 1009. But here too was The murdered Queen Gertrude has to pray for the peace of her soul every year. The fate of the Reformed Church today tells the story of a thousand years of Hungarian history. The show ends at the giant wooden sword located on the border of the village, which holds the world record like its predecessor, the giant wooden sword modeled after the sword of Saint Stephen. Our hosts are the Reformed priest László Bekadi, the engine of the renewal, and Zszźzana Szabó, who helped with the renewal as a volunteer.

Location – Radio Kossuth – Monday 11 September at 11:05

Editor: Maria Wagner
Host: Rudolf Burkert

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