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Patinagio Artítico: Peccari-Guares in Skate Canada! Primo podio per la coppia azzurra

Patinagio Artítico: Peccari-Guares in Skate Canada!  Primo podio per la coppia azzurra

The original color is not sicorda mai. Do this in a new way Edition format by Lucrezia Beccari and Matte Guarise If la terza posizione a Skate Canada 2023the second date for the circuit’s 2023-2024 Grand Prix of technical racing at the spectacle of the Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Center in Vancouver.

a result Important for the blue team, mature all this short program that agreed to retain an additional portion of freedom due to the neglect of salt elements in parallel. Flowing along a trio in combination and moving solo after the lift, Luca Dematti has saved a little boy Ben Figorato in the rest of the elementsachieving a variety of difficulties as well as three full settlements (level 4) and due to two Salty Lanciatti (Triplo Salchow and Triple Rittberger).

Sector collection 115.59 (56.14, 60.45) Lucrezia and Matteo Hanno Quindi total 181.42What happens next? Maria Pavlova-Alexey Sviachenko, the shot in Cattedra with a free foul was rated 125.56 (68.45, 57.11) per 187.78, valid points for the second position. Sometimes we notice at home in Italy, where there is movement It can also celebrate the ambition of one copy in the joy stage in a very short time The rating heads reach the specified target of 200 points.

Figure Skating: Gilles Poirier Senza Rivality at Skate Canada 2023, Ver-Gibson at Cressita

Vincere Come the Pronostico Sono Stati Invece i Padroni Di Casa Diana Stellato Dudek – Maxime Deschampsalso artificial in this case of a special performance of errors with whether documented in the area 142.39 (74.70, 67.69) per 214.64, Score your goal to achieve the point of difference in the Conti-Macii experience, Pronti a La prossima Settimana debuted in France.

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Photo: La Presse

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