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Now Greeks are outraged over Netflix's portrayal of Alexander the Great as gay

Now Greeks are outraged over Netflix's portrayal of Alexander the Great as gay

It's already been proven that Netflix doesn't really care about some historical facts when it comes to meeting the modern need for diversity.

Broadcasting service bosses like diversity, which wouldn't be a problem locally, but when they mess with the greats that used to be around, it can be a bit of a problem for the people of the country who respect the person appointed as a symbol of its own history. Meanwhile, Netflix has already managed to stir up opposition with its bold interpretations several times. Recently, for example, Tunisia spoke when the studio gave Denzel Washington the role of Hannibal Parkash in the film about the great Carthaginian general.

In this case, the skin color is not appropriate, but Washington is still just a great actor, and the work is a feature film, so this decision can ultimately be digested under the banner of artistic freedom.

On the other hand, it was a bolder move when… Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt In the film, the main character, known to be of Greek origin, is portrayed as a black woman, since this program was presented by Netflix as an episode of a media series, and such a reinterpretation of historical facts is not compatible with the dissemination of information.

Either way, Netflix has received a lot of criticism, but the service provider seems to be taking matters into its own hands, as it stands now. Alexander the Great: The Birth of God In the six-part dramatic docu-series, history that can be learned through contemporary sources is never treated as a bottleneck again.

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In the series, the Macedonian general who plays the main character has an open love relationship with his confidant and childhood friend, Hephaestion, which, among other things, according to the Greek Minister of Culture, Lina Mendoni, is at least a love affair. Inaccurate representation Sandor Nagy was married three times, but based on several ancient sources, it can be assumed that he was bisexual. According to some historians, he may have had a relationship with the aforementioned confidant, but according to Mendoni, Netflix is ​​exaggerating this and treating it as a historical fact without any basis.

The minister said that the series is simply exciting, full of fallacies, and treats offensive opinions as facts, but does not address other proven and recorded matters, and therefore, in his opinion, it is not a documentary series, but rather a low series. -High quality imagination.

In response to Mendoni's question, he also said that the Netflix show in question would not be censored or restricted in any way in Greece, since as a democracy they respect freedom of art, but he made it clear that in his opinion, people who lived in ancient times should not be interpreted according to modern expectations and standards. .

(source: WatchmanMain image: Netflix)

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