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Nikola Tesla’s musical in Budapest at the Kobania Cultural Center

Nikola Tesla’s musical in Budapest at the Kobania Cultural Center

09/26/2023 You are hard-working

The musical Nikola Tesla will be performed from 25 to 26 October 2023 in Budapest at the Kobanja Korosi Csoma Cultural Centre. Tickets here!


It is mainly thanks to Tesla’s discoveries and patents that over the past century, electronic devices have become an indispensable part of our daily life, where, for example, Tesla himself was the first to establish the basic principles of the smartphone or wireless electric charging.

The scientist with a special personality is rightfully recognized in many countries. Few people know, but the professional life of Tesla, who was born in Croatia and of Serbian origin, began in Budapest, at Puskás Telefontársaság (his first job), and then, as a world citizen, he arrived in America, where he was able to fulfill his childhood dream, when he was able to… Design of the power plant built on Niagara Falls, which was considered one of the wonders of the world at that time. And since the world was also strongly associated with Hungary with many other human and friendly relations, this fact served as an ideal opportunity to dedicate the subject of TBG Production’s new grand premiere to this excellent mind. In addition to promising great entertainment, the dynamic and absolutely stunning two-act musical score can help you rediscover and get to know from a new side the brilliant mind of the genius hidden behind the now famous name and the secrets of his personality. life!

The two-hour musical showcase uses the latest artistic display elements available today to create a unique visual world that once again impresses and dazzles, while at the same time providing an exciting musical and visual backdrop to Tesla’s life and 19th century setting. , presented by Smiljan, Prague, Budapest, Paris, via New York and the World’s Fair in Chicago all the way to Niagara Falls, the very colorful and lively world of that time. In creating the piece, Hungarian excellence in the profession is involved. The songs were recorded by Artisjus and Phonogram Prize winner Áron Sebestyén, and none other than Péter Sziámi Müller is responsible for the lyrics and drama. The script was written by Zoltán Egressy, the choreography was done by Anikó Szabó, the visual world was created by the Forward Productions team, and the unique atmosphere of the costumes was noted by Mark Case.

the The Nikola Tesla Musical runs October 25-26, 2023 It will be shown at the Kőbánya Körösi Csoma Cultural Center in Budapest.

Ticket prices and purchase tickets here!

Director: Denis Radu, Creative Mastermind: Tibor Vona.
Image, Designs, Graphic Designer: Attila Toth
Lighting: Minot Productions
Photo: Balazs Belli

October 25 Kobania 7 pm October 26 Kobania 7 pm

Nikola Tesla: Mykola Girgo Mykola Girgo
Antal Sigeti:Matej Szabo Matej Szabo
Adele Sigety: Victoria Gyorfi Anna Magyar
Thomas Edison: Adam Lux Songor Palaz
Doka Tesla/Sarah Bernhardt: Furedi Nikki Faces Nelly
George Westinghouse: Ferenc Kautsky Armand Gerdesitz
Bachelor’s degree/Lenin: Csaba Gerner Gabor Maday

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