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Netflix wants to start a terrifying fall for fans with this Spanish horror movie – Coloré

Netflix wants to start a terrifying fall for fans with this Spanish horror movie – Coloré

the Killer Book Club The Spanish horror film was a huge hit, and many probably wouldn’t mind hearing it in the original language, in fact. But for those who want to skip the Spanish lesson, Netflix has already prepared the dubbed version. With this movie, the popular broadcast channel is bringing the chills of autumn.

at the original address Club de los Lectures Criminals A horror movie that tells the story of eight young men who reveal a very sinister secret, and then their deaths begin. The students are picked off one by one by a killer clown.

Source: Netflix

The terrifying horror film is directed by Carlos Alonso Ojea It can finally be brought to English and Hungarian audiences, although the original version was already published in 2022. The trailer can also be watched, but fans of the genre will already have access to the show.

The killer club’s nickname comes from that The story goes that a costume prank played by the group of students goes very badlyTeenagers commit murders by mistake.

Source: Netflix

After agreeing to a vow of silence, the eight are ambushed by a mysterious killer clown mimicking their actions and are targeted one by one.

Desperate youth have an idea for it Maybe one of them could be the killer As their clothes are also copied by the perpetrator. If that wasn’t enough, the bloodthirsty clown starts sharing flyers with the team promising to kill them one by one because they all deserve to die for what they’ve done.

Another twist fitting the book club’s theme is that the killer promises to write a novel about the two of them documenting their deaths. In the Spanish game Slasher, the teens not only have to save their own lives, but they also have to find out which of them could be the killer. Naturally, everyone becomes suspicious.

source: daily Mail
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